Note: We asked Angela Holzer–one of the founders of Given Tree–to write this post. Given Tree is an organization that teams with small non-profits on many projects. They do great work. Check them out!

Given Tree was started in 2010 by Angela Holzer and a few friends sitting around a table talking about the needs of smaller charities and the large impact they are currently making around the world.  Angela was determined to do something to help improve how small charities are run and help people feel more a part of the donation process.

Angela Holzer used to be the International Development Director at Reach the Children in Africa for Stay Alive, an HIV/AIDS prevention program.  She worked with small charities throughout Africa in implementing the Stay Alive in classrooms.  This experience helped mold Angela’s perspective that small charities can make a large impact in the world if given the proper support.  She is proud to work with many dedicated people who have helped to get Given Tree up and running.

Given Tree has created a certification for nonprofit organizations based on 3 areas of accountability:

  • Philosophy & Approach
  • Financial Health
  • Performance

These charities are required to show accountability by consistent and frequent updates from the field.  Our system makes this easy for charities to do so through our website. Smaller charities are such an important and crucial part of reaching needs around the world, that we wanted to highlight and give them a support system.  Charities are then able to post projects on our website!

Zimbabwe Youth Camp in 2013

This past year we helped run a 3-day youth camp for over 700 youth in Zimbabwe with an organization called Eyes4Zimbabwe.com. Everyone who participated received a school kit, blanket, clothing, reading materials, hygiene kit and three meals a day.  We taught classes on self-defense, sexual abuse, sport skills, music, dance and more.

We recently launched a few new projects:

1- Typhoon Disaster Relief Drive for Philippines.  

Funds go directly to supplies for Stanford Medical Team already on the ground and a water system that supplies locals with purified water taken from moisture in the air.  We’ve been working with local organizations on the ground to facilitate this water system in order to get it directly to the people. This unit was purchased from GreenFocusInc and it will be managed by Smart Public Affairs and Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation.

2- Dental Unit for Mobile Clinic in Zimbabwe.

A Dental/Medical Team will be heading over to Zimbabwe in the spring to launch a new dental mobile clinic.  A dental unit is needed for our team in order for them to visit rural areas. Other supplies are also needed including instrument kits, extraction kits, portable x-ray machine, anesthesia and other disposable items.  Please contact Angela Holzer if you’re able to contribute or donate to these items.

Let us know if you’re interested in being a part of Given Tree!  Given Tree has been run by hard working volunteers since the beginning. Let us know if you’re interested in being a part of the Given Tree Team!

1-650-503-GIVE (4483)