Day 3 – Scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. One banana for three for a snack. Ramen and an orange for lunch (a peanut butter sandwich, slice of bread, and carrot for Dave). Saltines with peanut butter for another snack. Roasted potatoes, broccoli, and carrots with leftover lentil stew for dinner.

So happy we had some vegetables tonight!

A few thoughts on wasting food. I thought that I was pretty good at not wasting food, but this little experiment has opened my eyes to how much food we actually do waste on a daily basis. Now that every bite counts, I am much more aware and cautious of food ending in the garbage. I tend to try a little harder to scrape each piece of rice out of the pan at the end of a meal. I seem to watch how many bites I put in my mouth a little closer than before. I was a little upset when the orange we picked for lunch wasn’t that good of an orange. I might even scrape the food off of my children’s plates and eat it myself a little more diligently than before. (Don’t tell, but I have even eaten food off the floor…I wasn’t going to let that delicious carrot stick go to waste!) I may have even gotten a little too defensive when my three year old squished up his orange slice in his hand as a way of telling me he did not want to eat that before he got another snack. (I ate the orange. He got a snack. He won. That was a precious piece of orange.) It has opened my eyes. Of course, compared to those who live below the line daily, I probably still take my food for granted.