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2: Lindsay Hadley, The Global Poverty Project

  Lindsay is a wife and mother of two boys…and in her spare time is the Development Director for the Global Poverty Project. She joins us from all the way Down Under in Queensland, Australia. Lindsay is no stranger to issues of poverty and service. She has traveled to over 35 countries and her experience […]

001: Brad Walker, Liahona Children’s Foundation

In this inaugural edition of the No Poor Among Them podcast, Dave Dixon talks to Dr. Brad Walker about the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which aims to eliminate malnutrition and illiteracy within the LDS community. Dr. Walker estimates that around 70,000 active LDS children around the world are malnourished, which can ultimately stunt the child’s ability […]

The Fate of Charity: If You Were Running For Your Life, What Would You Bring?

Meet Mariama Kallon: a young woman who lost her family to a brutal civil war that lasted for decades.     Early 1990s, Sierra Leone: a small country in Western Africa, and one of the worst places to live in the world. By some accounts, it is the worst. Now fast-forward to Salt Lake City, Utah, […]

Because I Have Been Given Much

A couple of years ago, I was a student in Pocatello, Idaho. Money was tight for my wife, my son, and me, so we tried to find inexpensive ways (read: free) to entertain our son. This was particularly challenging during the winter months when the weather was often too cold or too wet to go […]

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