The No Poor Among Them project isn’t just a project. It’s a voice. A call to arms with a profound ambition: to help all who suffer from extreme poverty and, inherently, to inspire a bolder culture of true Charity.

We strive to accomplish this by relying on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, expert research, and personal experiences. To start the discussion, we often give the bullhorn to those who have inspired us: we host interviews and articles from nonprofit leaders and passionate humanitarians, including members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints whose charity is kindled by the Savior and his indomitable service.

No Poor Among Them is not directly affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or any other organization, and is solely responsible for its content. No Poor Among Them is also fiercely apolitical and inclusive of all who share our humanitarian goals.




Dave Dixon recently finished a master’s degree in history from Idaho State University. In doing so he became fascinated with Mormon doctrine as it relates to environmental matters as well as caring for the poor and the needy. He and his wife, Jana, have two wonderful little boys. Dave currently works as a GIS Analyst for a county in South Dakota.


Jason Stout is an ecstatic husband and father. He has previously volunteered in Ukraine, South Africa, Russia, and the US, on projects ranging from education and poverty reduction to refugee aid and human trafficking. He and his rockin’ wife both served as LDS missionaries on opposite sides of Ukraine. Jason earned a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University and works as an analyst with Emerging Market Economics.



Joseph Peterson is a passionate idealist at heart and can’t seem to shake it. Whether it’s volunteering at church, in the local community, and even abroad, Joseph is a big proponent of volunteer service and activism for social change. Married to the illustrious Marjorie Smith, also a NPAT contributor, the two make their home in Washington, D.C. where they foster their own brand of community engagement with the Greatness Initiative Social Club, featured on this podcast. Joseph also occasionally blogs for the Huffington Post and can usually be found on social media promoting one social cause or another. At the end of the day he truly believes that if we empower enough people with awareness and inspiration that leads to motivation, not only can we do great work, but we can eliminate global poverty in a generation.


Marjorie Smith-Peterson comes to No Poor Among Them with a desire to more influentially engage in the developing conversations surrounding community service, international aid and poverty eradication. Marjorie has developed an admiration for the diverse and beautiful cultures of our world through travel, reading, and culinary experimentation. It is largely through this passion that Marjorie finds motivation for seeking opportunities to serve in her community, hoping to perpetuate the diversity of the world by strengthening and unifying it’s greatest treasure, the people. A co-founder of The Greatness Initiative Social Club, Marjorie enjoys using her spare time to work alongside her husband, Joseph Peterson, in planning various events that provide a setting for conversation, encouragement and action toward service.