In this inaugural edition of the No Poor Among Them podcast, Dave Dixon talks to Dr. Brad Walker about the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which aims to eliminate malnutrition and illiteracy within the LDS community. Dr. Walker estimates that around 70,000 active LDS children around the world are malnourished, which can ultimately stunt the child’s ability to be self-reliant, namely in terms of physical ability and cognitive development. Dr. Walker also estimates that a similar number of children are unable to secure even a primary school education. Sadly, Dr. Walker estimates that around 10% of these kids will eventually die due to issues related to chronic malnutrition. The Liahona Children’s Foundation is looking for volunteers to help with marketing, translation, and sponsoring the kids. It only costs $50 per year to provide each child with a nutritional supplement which could ultimately save their lives. It is another $50 per year to ensure each child receives at least an elementary education. Due to limited funds, the Foundation is currently helping between 1-2% of these children. Let’s change that.

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