Musana Jewelry

Musana Jewelry co-founder Melissa Sevy, accompanied by our other two guests, Harriet Ochieng, and Tina Kyambadde.

Trust me, you are going to love these women, and the organization they represent, Musana Jewelry. What started a few years back on student budgets for Melissa Sevy and the other co-founders, has blossomed into an organization that provides work for around fifty women in Lugazi, Uganda.

This interview includes Melissa Sevy, a co-founder of Musana; Tina Kyambadde, the manager for the artisans of Musana Jewelry; and Harriet Ochieng, one of Musana’s hardest working artisans. Listen to the ways in which this organization impacts the lives of others, particularly women who have found themselves in dire need.

Check out Musana Jewelry online to shop for jewelry, learn how you can become involved, or for information on how you can host a Musana Market event in your home.