We have been so impressed by the work that Global Outreach Alliance is doing that we invited two more of their wonderful volunteers to the show. For those who missed the previous podcast with Steven Wrigley, the Global Outreach Alliance is a “non-profit organization established to empower communities through education and mentoring services.

Lauren Poet is from Provo, Utah. She is a college student at BYU studying Classical Civilizations. She served with GOA in Cambodia and Africa.

Erin Grieve is from Midway, Utah. Erin discovered her passion for people while attending Westminster College where she is currently pursuing a dual degree in Economics and International Business. She first visited Kenya with the Global Outreach Alliance during the summer of 2011 and she returned to Kenya and Uganda this summer and plans to return again. Erin also works as a Service Leader for the Center for Civic Engagement and as an advocate for the Real Foods Alliance at Westminster College.

These impressive women are with us today to talk about their adventures in giving service and alleviating poverty around the world, as well as how you, our listeners, can get involved with their organization.