Getish working on his pottery skills.
You won’t want to miss this episode of No Poor Among Them. As a young man, Jason Burton left his home in Oregon and worked at a hospital in Ethiopia. As he tended to many of the children, he realized that after a lot of the boys and girls were discharged, they had no place to go but the streets. With the help of a local LDS family, he started to do something about it. Years later, Jason and Yehiwot Raey help as many street children as their small budget allows. Listen to Jason discuss why he does what he does, a typical day in the life of these boys, the purpose of the organization, and the hopes and dreams of some of the boys he serves.

Musie, director of the house, with a Mambo who was reunited with his family.

Currently, Yehiwot Raey is seeking individuals to help “sponsor” boys. At $50 each month, the sponsorship¬†provides one child with school supplies, tuition, food, fun activities, service opportunities,¬†clothing, and¬†emotional support. Perhaps the best part of this is that when you sponsor a child, you are invited to form a pen-pal relationship with the child. This truly makes for a personal and more edifying charitable experience. If you are like me and $50 is a little too much for each month, please leave a comment expressing interest, or email us at Let’s see if we can create teams of people to sponsor these boys!

Jason Burton (just above and to the right of the center) with several of the boys.

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A volunteer playing with several street kids.