This past summer, Jason Harrison spent his summer in Paraguay. He was serving as a fellow for Vittana, an organization which crowd-sources to fund educational loans. The website has a similar feel to Kiva, but loans are only given to individuals seeking loans to further their education. While in Paraguay, Jason monitored the impact of education in the lives of the people who had obtained these loans. In this podcast, Jason discusses the impact of education in development. He also talks about social entrepreneurship, and how it differs from traditional entrepreneurship. This one is worth a listen, followed by action!

Here are some links discussed in the podcast:

Vittana’s website

A TED talk about Vittana

BYU’s Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance

Kiva’s website

Jason Harrison, a Latin American Studies major at BYU. Jason felt driven to give educational opportunities to people who otherwise would have no chance at a higher education when he saw how capable, but without opportunity many of his fellow missionaries were on his mission.