Meet Cindy Packard, a midwife from Gilbert, Arizona. Several years ago she was approached by a friend who encouraged her to look into the maternal and infant mortality problem in Mozambique. At first Cindy resisted, stating that she was too busy. The friend persisted until she convinced Cindy to pray about the possibility of doing something.  After a strong impression to go, Cindy went  to Mozambique with a small exploratory group.  Within a few months, Cindy and Blair returned to Mozambique and shortly thereafter started Care for Life. The mission of Care for Life is to alleviate suffering, promote self-reliance, and instill hope. It takes a holistic approach to poverty alleviation and focuses on families within their own village. In this episode, Cindy Packard talks to us about Care for Life, the way they help people become self-reliant, and what we can do to get involved. Thanks, Cindy!

Cindy cares for a baby with AIDS

A Mozambican woman works on a garden.

A Mozambican family in front of their home.