Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey donning traditional Guatemalan dresses.

Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey became good friends in Boulder, Colorado before moving to opposite sides of the United States. After not seeing each other for a couple of years, they decided to meet up…in Guatemala. Emily and Maria recently returned from a “NutriTour” for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, an organization we’ve highlighted previously on No Poor Among Them. Currently, it is estimated that there are 80,000 malnourished LDS children throughout the world. Emily and Maria talk about what drove them to deal with this problem firsthand.

Emily Rampton is the blogger behind the food blog rainbowdelicious.com. She and her husband Rick live in California with their two children.

Emily holding an adorable baby.

Emily with a girl who reminded her of her own daughter, Adelaide.

Maria Lindsey is an opera singer who currently lives in Buffalo, New York. She and her husband recently took in an 18 year old foster child named Kyle.

Maria getting her hair done.

Maria tries on a Guatemalan dress.