(This is the second interview of a three part series. To hear the first interview, click here).

When Bonnie and Lynn Stanfield searched for humanitarian trips they could send their youngest two boys on, they wanted to find an organization that would provide a meaningful experience for them, while doing so in a cost-effective manner. Lynn found such an organization in the Liahona Children’s Foundation.

Ezra (16) and Isaiah (19) spent three weeks traveling throughout the various stakes and districts of Guatemala, rendering service to those in need, screening LDS children who suffer from malnutrition, and otherwise lifting the spirits of the children they encountered.

Because of the generosity of Ezra and Isaiah’s parents, the boys came equipped with candy, shoes, and other items to lift the spirits of the people they served. Additionally, Ezra and Isaiah’s high school soccer coach donated 24 soccer balls for them to distribute to the kids they met.

Listen as Ezra, Isaiah, and their mother, Bonnie Stanfield discuss what this NutriTour meant to them.