(This is the last of a three-part series of interviews of people who went to Guatemala this summer to participate in a NutriTour for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which works to eliminate malnutrition in LDS children and their friends. For part 1 with Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey, click here. For part two with Ezra, Isaiah, and Bonnie Stanfield, click here. To listen to an interview with co-founder Brad Walker from 2012, click here)

Brianna Hardisty was in desperate need of hours. As a dietetics major at Utah State University, she was required to work or volunteer many hours in her field. As summer drew near, she was searching for a meaningful opportunity to fill the requirement. That’s when one day, while walking through the institute building, she came  across an announcement for a summer NutriTour for the Liahona Children’s Foundation. It was perfect. She told her friend Stacey James about the opportunity, and they jumped right in.

Because of their expertise, they worked as interns for the Foundation for three weeks in Guatemala. They screened hundreds of kids throughout the country, and otherwise assisted families in whatever way they could. An estimated 40 percent of LDS children in one area they screened are malnourished; 15-20% are severely malnourished.

This interview discusses some of the science of malnutrition and why Brianna and Stacey feel so strongly about what the Foundation is doing.