29: Days For Girls

  One of our most inspiring interviews to date! We invited Days for Girls onto to the program, a worldwide organization of amazing people that provide girls in developing countries with the opportunity to have more education, safety and dignity through the distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. They have already reached tens of thousands of girls […]

18: Emily Smoot Perry, Radiating Hope

Did you know that, in some areas of the developing world, cancer is the #1 cause of death? Emily Smoot Perry joins us to talk about her experiences as Executive Director of Radiating Hope, a nonprofit organization founded by radiation oncologists and mountain climbers wanting to help cancer patients around the world. Emily is has […]

014: Cindy Packard, Care for Life

Meet Cindy Packard, a midwife from Gilbert, Arizona. Several years ago she was approached by a friend who encouraged her to look into the maternal and infant mortality problem in Mozambique. At first Cindy resisted, stating that she was too busy. The friend persisted until she convinced Cindy to pray about the possibility of doing something.  After a strong impression […]

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