29: Days For Girls

  One of our most inspiring interviews to date! We invited Days for Girls onto to the program, a worldwide organization of amazing people that provide girls in developing countries with the opportunity to have more education, safety and dignity through the distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits. They have already reached tens of thousands of girls […]

31: (The Sweet Partnership Between) Catholic Community Services and the LDS Church

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We get the details on the awesome new partnership between Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) and the LDS Church, including official missionary calls to serve at CCS locations!     Our all-star lineup:  Marcie Valdez, Director of Northern Utah Catholic Community Services Janice and Virl Brown, […]

Catholic Community Services of Utah and the LDS Church

by Bradford. R. Drake Executive Director, Catholic Community Services of Utah Cheesy artwork credit: NPAT professional design team Editor’s note: We at NPAT invited our friends at Catholic Community Services to write a bit about their awesome, new(ish) partnership with the LDS Church. These two orgs, both as churches and as humanitarian entities, have had […]

Can You Trust Your Favorite Charity? – Part II

by Angela Holzer, President of Given Tree In part I of this article, we discussed a few ways charities can show accountability through having an effective community approach and mission statements. In this article, we will be focusing on another important aspect of showing accountability through the 3S’s (teaching skills, self-reliance and service to one’s […]

Can You Trust Your Favorite Charity? (Part I)

Given Tree certifies smaller, trusted charities and improves accountability so you can trust where your funds are going and see the impact you’re making. Imagine this: an orphanage in Kenya accepts a donation of clothing, diapers and toys, then promptly locks them in a closet once the donors are gone. These items are sold, used […]

28: Kiva Mormons

Jeremy Foote, one of the captains of the Kiva Mormons lending team, joins us in a long-awaited look at the best kept secret of Mormons in microfinance. is a nonprofit that alleviates poverty around the world by connecting people who want to give back with entrepreneurs in developing countries. These borrowers later repay the […]

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