Dave Dixon

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 5)

Day 5! Potato/egg scramble for breakfast, banana chips for a morning snack, peanut butter sandwiches, carrot sticks, and an orange for lunch (left over gnocchi, a carrot, a banana, and an orange for Dave), saltine crackers for an afternoon snack, and black beans, rice, tortillas, a banana, and an orange for supper. Since we had […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 4)

Day 4 – Pancakes for breakfast with a banana for our one year old (with apple sauce for the kids; another cheat); a smoothie for a snack made with banana, peanut butter, milk, oatmeal and ice; peanut butter sandwiches and leftover lentil stew for lunch (I had an orange); saltine cracker and a few banana […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Prelude)

First off, let me state that I don’t think what we are about to do is a noble thing. In many ways, I feel like it is such a first world way of looking at a very serious problem in the world. Nevertheless, I hope that if only in some small way I will better […]

008: Matt Colling, HELP International

Matt Colling, former Executive Director of Operations for HELP Intnernational, is yet another wonderful individual who discusses with us a wonderful organization, in this first of a two part series. Matt tells us the ins-and-outs of HELP International, including the types of service rendered on trips, how to best raise money for trips, and how […]

007: Sarah Hall, Albinism and Malaria

Sarah Hall has done much good in the world with her skills. For this episode, she discusses just a couple of them, specifically working with Tanzanians with albinism and people with malaria. She also talks about why she does what she does and who inspires her to do what she can to help God’s children who are […]

004: Mercedes White, The Deseret News

In this podcast, Mercedes White talks about her perspective of caring for the poor as a journalist. She is the Care for the Poor beat writer for the Deseret News. She also covers the topic of immigration. Mercedes is passionate about what she does, and has some wonderful insights into caring for the poor and […]

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