6: Lauren Poet and Erin Grieve, Global Outreach Alliance, Part 2

    We have been so impressed by the work that Global Outreach Alliance is doing that we invited two more of their wonderful volunteers to the show. For those who missed the previous podcast with Steven Wrigley, the Global Outreach Alliance is a “non-profit organization established to empower communities through education and mentoring services. […]

5: Steven Dee Wrigley, The Global Outreach Alliance, Part 1

Steven Dee Wrigley is the Founder and Development Director of The Global Outreach Alliance (GOA), a non-profit focused on empowering communities around the world by promoting self-reliance through education and mentoring services. GOA operates in Cambodia, Kenya, Israel, Tibet, and Uganda. They do some amazing work and we know you’ll enjoy the program. Resources from […]

001: Brad Walker, Liahona Children’s Foundation

In this inaugural edition of the No Poor Among Them podcast, Dave Dixon talks to Dr. Brad Walker about the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which aims to eliminate malnutrition and illiteracy within the LDS community. Dr. Walker estimates that around 70,000 active LDS children around the world are malnourished, which can ultimately stunt the child’s ability […]

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