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Can You Trust Your Favorite Charity? – Part II

by Angela Holzer, President of Given Tree In part I of this article, we discussed a few ways charities can show accountability through having an effective community approach and mission statements. In this article, we will be focusing on another important aspect of showing accountability through the 3S’s (teaching skills, self-reliance and service to one’s […]

Can You Trust Your Favorite Charity? (Part I)

Given Tree certifies smaller, trusted charities and improves accountability so you can trust where your funds are going and see the impact you’re making. Imagine this: an orphanage in Kenya accepts a donation of clothing, diapers and toys, then promptly locks them in a closet once the donors are gone. These items are sold, used […]

Angela Holzer on Given Tree

Note: We asked Angela Holzer–one of the founders of Given Tree–to write this post. Given Tree is an organization that teams with small non-profits on many projects. They do great work. Check them out! Given Tree was started in 2010 by Angela Holzer and a few friends sitting around a table talking about the needs of smaller […]

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