30: Stop Hunger Now

Ryan Pond serves as the program manager for Stop Hunger Now SoCal, a non-profit that works with local community businesses, churches, and other groups to pack meals for those in need throughout the world. These meals help nourish millions of kids in school feeding programs. Have a listen to the podcast to hear a story about […]

23: Brianna Hardisty and Stacey Garrett, Liahona Children’s Foundation

(This is the last of a three-part series of interviews of people who went to Guatemala this summer to participate in a NutriTour for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which works to eliminate malnutrition in LDS children and their friends. For part 1 with Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey, click here. For part two with Ezra, […]

20: Alan Silva, The Institute for Self Reliant Agriculture

Meet Alan Silva, who in addition to running several successful businesses has a passion for teaching people self-reliance through agricultural practices. He is the Director of Operations for The Institute of Self-Reliant Agriculture. Listen to the method SRA uses to lift people out of poverty, who then, in turn, lift their neighbors out of poverty. […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 5)

Day 5! Potato/egg scramble for breakfast, banana chips for a morning snack, peanut butter sandwiches, carrot sticks, and an orange for lunch (left over gnocchi, a carrot, a banana, and an orange for Dave), saltine crackers for an afternoon snack, and black beans, rice, tortillas, a banana, and an orange for supper. Since we had […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 4)

Day 4 – Pancakes for breakfast with a banana for our one year old (with apple sauce for the kids; another cheat); a smoothie for a snack made with banana, peanut butter, milk, oatmeal and ice; peanut butter sandwiches and leftover lentil stew for lunch (I had an orange); saltine cracker and a few banana […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 3)

Day 3 – Scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. One banana for three for a snack. Ramen and an orange for lunch (a peanut butter sandwich, slice of bread, and carrot for Dave). Saltines with peanut butter for another snack. Roasted potatoes, broccoli, and carrots with leftover lentil stew for dinner. A few thoughts on […]

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