The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 2)

Day 2 – Oatmeal with milk for breakfast (I also snitched a piece of bread and both children had their own banana). I had leftover lentil stew for lunch. Jana and the boys had peanut butter sandwiches and two carrots for lunch. The kids had jam; another cheat for today. We ended up opening some […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Day 1)

Day 1 – Done. Pancakes for breakfast, bread, carrot sticks, and an orange for lunch (a banana, a carrot, and a bit of rice for Dave), saltines with peanut butter for a snack, and lentil stew on rice for supper. I couldn’t help but think how fake this whole thing is as I went about […]

The Dixon’s Live Below the Line Challenge (Prelude)

First off, let me state that I don’t think what we are about to do is a noble thing. In many ways, I feel like it is such a first world way of looking at a very serious problem in the world. Nevertheless, I hope that if only in some small way I will better […]

Honey Bees

Perhaps the talk which resonated the most with me this past general conference was Elder M. Russell Ballard’s “Be Anxiously Engaged.” He drew upon the historical example of the honey bee to make his case. Of course, the Jaredite people of the Book of Mormon translated the word as “deseret,” a name which in many […]

Because I Have Been Given Much

A couple of years ago, I was a student in Pocatello, Idaho. Money was tight for my wife, my son, and me, so we tried to find inexpensive ways (read: free) to entertain our son. This was particularly challenging during the winter months when the weather was often too cold or too wet to go […]

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