Jason Stout

19: Joseph Peterson and Marjorie Smith, Greatness Initiative Social Club

  You don’t have to work full-time at a nonprofit to make a difference. Meet Marjorie Smith and Joseph Peterson: She’s an account manager for a third party medical billing company. He’s in strategic communications for small brands and non-profits and moonlights as a contributor for Huffington Post Impact. Together they co-founded the Greatness Initiative […]

6: Lauren Poet and Erin Grieve, Global Outreach Alliance, Part 2

    We have been so impressed by the work that Global Outreach Alliance is doing that we invited two more of their wonderful volunteers to the show. For those who missed the previous podcast with Steven Wrigley, the Global Outreach Alliance is a “non-profit organization established to empower communities through education and mentoring services. […]

5: Steven Dee Wrigley, The Global Outreach Alliance, Part 1

Steven Dee Wrigley is the Founder and Development Director of The Global Outreach Alliance (GOA), a non-profit focused on empowering communities around the world by promoting self-reliance through education and mentoring services. GOA operates in Cambodia, Kenya, Israel, Tibet, and Uganda. They do some amazing work and we know you’ll enjoy the program. Resources from […]

2: Lindsay Hadley, The Global Poverty Project

  Lindsay is a wife and mother of two boys…and in her spare time is the Development Director for the Global Poverty Project. She joins us from all the way Down Under in Queensland, Australia. Lindsay is no stranger to issues of poverty and service. She has traveled to over 35 countries and her experience […]

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