Joseph Peterson

19: Joseph Peterson and Marjorie Smith, Greatness Initiative Social Club

  You don’t have to work full-time at a nonprofit to make a difference. Meet Marjorie Smith and Joseph Peterson: She’s an account manager for a third party medical billing company. He’s in strategic communications for small brands and non-profits and moonlights as a contributor for Huffington Post Impact. Together they co-founded the Greatness Initiative […]

Joseph Peterson: The Ethiopian People

The measurement of time is refreshingly new in this Eastern kingdom far from home. First to note, there are 13 months—something to do with an Orthodox calendar which also sets the year at eight years earlier than the U.S., and the time of day, depending on whom you ask, is the time they counted from 1:00 after […]

Joseph Peterson: There’s Always Duct Tape

It appears, the neighbor children (and that’s like 50 kids) seem to think that Joseph is the easiest name to remember of us three so every time we go out all I hear is my name being shouted from every bare-footed child in every unpaved direction. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes I can’t […]

Joseph Peterson: The Hard Realities of Service

The following is an excerpt from the travel journal of Joseph Peterson while doing humanitarian work in Ethiopia with ASCEND Alliance, a Salt Lake City-based NGO. In a small village three hours outside the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, Joseph helped manage a visiting medical expedition of doctors and volunteers in the summer of 2008. I […]

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