Catholic Community Services of Utah and the LDS Church

by Bradford. R. Drake Executive Director, Catholic Community Services of Utah Cheesy artwork credit: NPAT professional design team Editor’s note: We at NPAT invited our friends at Catholic Community Services to write a bit about their awesome, new(ish) partnership with the LDS Church. These two orgs, both as churches and as humanitarian entities, have had […]

28: Kiva Mormons

Jeremy Foote, one of the captains of the Kiva Mormons lending team, joins us in a long-awaited look at the best kept secret of Mormons in microfinance. is a nonprofit that alleviates poverty around the world by connecting people who want to give back with entrepreneurs in developing countries. These borrowers later repay the […]

14 Ways to Stick it to Commercialized Christmas

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time of year when you are given a bunch of stuff that you don’t need? Well, here at No Poor Among Them we thought we should give you guys some ways to celebrate the birth of Christ by doing what he did throughout his life: serve […]

26: The Hughes, Color My World

  Angela Hughes, her husband, and kids, are likely just as busy–if not more busy–than the average family. But somewhere in there, they find the time to change the world. In 2000, the family formed Color My World, a non-profit which focuses on humanitarian relief efforts, and involving children in service. Have a listen as […]

25: SaraJoy Pond, Give Daily

SaraJoy Pond it the founder of Give Daily, a crowdfunding organization. In the words of the website, “GiveDaily lets anyone pledge as little as $1/day to make social progress part of their everyday lives. Daily grants fund the work of the best social problem solvers in the world; training Thai villagers to use their cell phones to […]

23: Brianna Hardisty and Stacey Garrett, Liahona Children’s Foundation

(This is the last of a three-part series of interviews of people who went to Guatemala this summer to participate in a NutriTour for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which works to eliminate malnutrition in LDS children and their friends. For part 1 with Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey, click here. For part two with Ezra, […]

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