22: The Stanfields, Liahona Children’s Foundation

(This is the second interview of a three part series. To hear the first interview, click here). When Bonnie and Lynn Stanfield searched for humanitarian trips they could send their youngest two boys on, they wanted to find an organization that would provide a meaningful experience for them, while doing so in a cost-effective manner. […]

Teaching Children Empathy

(This piece is cross-posted at the Rational Faiths blog). Several months ago, our family had a movie night. The film was Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, a 1921 silent film where Chaplin plays–what else–a tramp who has fallen on hard times. To make matters more difficult for the tramp, a woman abandons her child and somehow, Chaplin’s character […]

21: Maria Lindsey and Emily Rampton, Liahona Children’s Foundation

Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey became good friends in Boulder, Colorado before moving to opposite sides of the United States. After not seeing each other for a couple of years, they decided to meet up…in Guatemala. Emily and Maria recently returned from a “NutriTour” for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, an organization we’ve highlighted previously on […]

20: Alan Silva, The Institute for Self Reliant Agriculture

Meet Alan Silva, who in addition to running several successful businesses has a passion for teaching people self-reliance through agricultural practices. He is the Director of Operations for The Institute of Self-Reliant Agriculture. Listen to the method SRA uses to lift people out of poverty, who then, in turn, lift their neighbors out of poverty. […]

19: Joseph Peterson and Marjorie Smith, Greatness Initiative Social Club

  You don’t have to work full-time at a nonprofit to make a difference. Meet Marjorie Smith and Joseph Peterson: She’s an account manager for a third party medical billing company. He’s in strategic communications for small brands and non-profits and moonlights as a contributor for Huffington Post Impact. Together they co-founded the Greatness Initiative […]

Joseph Peterson: The Ethiopian People

The measurement of time is refreshingly new in this Eastern kingdom far from home. First to note, there are 13 months—something to do with an Orthodox calendar which also sets the year at eight years earlier than the U.S., and the time of day, depending on whom you ask, is the time they counted from 1:00 after […]

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