No Poor Among Them

26: The Hughes, Color My World

  Angela Hughes, her husband, and kids, are likely just as busy–if not more busy–than the average family. But somewhere in there, they find the time to change the world. In 2000, the family formed Color My World, a non-profit which focuses on humanitarian relief efforts, and involving children in service. Have a listen as […]

25: SaraJoy Pond, Give Daily

SaraJoy Pond it the founder of Give Daily, a crowdfunding organization. In the words of the website, “GiveDaily lets anyone pledge as little as $1/day to make social progress part of their everyday lives. Daily grants fund the work of the best social problem solvers in the world; training Thai villagers to use their cell phones to […]

Teaching Children Empathy

(This piece is cross-posted at the Rational Faiths blog). Several months ago, our family had a movie night. The film was Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, a 1921 silent film where Chaplin plays–what else–a tramp who has fallen on hard times. To make matters more difficult for the tramp, a woman abandons her child and somehow, Chaplin’s character […]

20: Alan Silva, The Institute for Self Reliant Agriculture

Meet Alan Silva, who in addition to running several successful businesses has a passion for teaching people self-reliance through agricultural practices. He is the Director of Operations for The Institute of Self-Reliant Agriculture. Listen to the method SRA uses to lift people out of poverty, who then, in turn, lift their neighbors out of poverty. […]

Joseph Peterson: The Ethiopian People

The measurement of time is refreshingly new in this Eastern kingdom far from home. First to note, there are 13 months—something to do with an Orthodox calendar which also sets the year at eight years earlier than the U.S., and the time of day, depending on whom you ask, is the time they counted from 1:00 after […]

18: Emily Smoot Perry, Radiating Hope

Did you know that, in some areas of the developing world, cancer is the #1 cause of death? Emily Smoot Perry joins us to talk about her experiences as Executive Director of Radiating Hope, a nonprofit organization founded by radiation oncologists and mountain climbers wanting to help cancer patients around the world. Emily is has […]

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