23: Brianna Hardisty and Stacey Garrett, Liahona Children’s Foundation

(This is the last of a three-part series of interviews of people who went to Guatemala this summer to participate in a NutriTour for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, which works to eliminate malnutrition in LDS children and their friends. For part 1 with Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey, click here. For part two with Ezra, […]

22: The Stanfields, Liahona Children’s Foundation

(This is the second interview of a three part series. To hear the first interview, click here). When Bonnie and Lynn Stanfield searched for humanitarian trips they could send their youngest two boys on, they wanted to find an organization that would provide a meaningful experience for them, while doing so in a cost-effective manner. […]

21: Maria Lindsey and Emily Rampton, Liahona Children’s Foundation

Emily Rampton and Maria Lindsey became good friends in Boulder, Colorado before moving to opposite sides of the United States. After not seeing each other for a couple of years, they decided to meet up…in Guatemala. Emily and Maria recently returned from a “NutriTour” for the Liahona Children’s Foundation, an organization we’ve highlighted previously on […]

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