Salt Lake City

31: (The Sweet Partnership Between) Catholic Community Services and the LDS Church

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We get the details on the awesome new partnership between Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) and the LDS Church, including official missionary calls to serve at CCS locations!     Our all-star lineup:  Marcie Valdez, Director of Northern Utah Catholic Community Services Janice and Virl Brown, […]

The Fate of Charity: If You Were Running For Your Life, What Would You Bring?

Meet Mariama Kallon: a young woman who lost her family to a brutal civil war that lasted for decades.     Early 1990s, Sierra Leone: a small country in Western Africa, and one of the worst places to live in the world. By some accounts, it is the worst. Now fast-forward to Salt Lake City, Utah, […]

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