Can You Trust Your Favorite Charity? – Part II

by Angela Holzer, President of Given Tree In part I of this article, we discussed a few ways charities can show accountability through having an effective community approach and mission statements. In this article, we will be focusing on another important aspect of showing accountability through the 3S’s (teaching skills, self-reliance and service to one’s […]

What Does Self Reliance Look Like?

Hand Out Vs. Hand Up It’s been over two years since Jason Stout and I started up No Poor Among Them. What is No Poor Among Them, exactly? An initiative? A podcast? A blog? Yes, to all of those things. But in my mind, I wanted it to be something more. I wanted No Poor […]

015: Bishnu Adhikari, CHOICE Humanitarian

Bishnu Adhikari has a great passion for alleviating poverty. For many years now, he has worked as the in-country director in Nepal for CHOICE Humanitarian. He has also been named CHOICE Humanitarian of the year. As a convert to the Church, Bishnu enthusiastically works to lift people out of poverty. CHOICE Humanitarian’s Website A piece […]

014: Cindy Packard, Care for Life

Meet Cindy Packard, a midwife from Gilbert, Arizona. Several years ago she was approached by a friend who encouraged her to look into the maternal and infant mortality problem in Mozambique. At first Cindy resisted, stating that she was too busy. The friend persisted until she convinced Cindy to pray about the possibility of doing something.  After a strong impression […]

003: Melissa Sevy, Musana Jewelry

Musana Jewelry co-founder Melissa Sevy, accompanied by our other two guests, Harriet Ochieng, and Tina Kyambadde. Trust me, you are going to love these women, and the organization they represent, Musana Jewelry. What started a few years back on student budgets for Melissa Sevy and the other co-founders, has blossomed into an organization that provides […]

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