27: African Promise Foundation

Have you heard of Elizabeth Smart, the girl who was kidnapped in Utah and abused for 9 months before being rescued? Our guests today help children in Uganda who have experienced similar abuses. These young men and women now hope to return to school and get the education they missed, in some cases because they […]

009: Nicole Luscher and Becca Van Leuven, HELP International, Part 2

Becca and Nicole with children in Guatemala. In this episode, we speak to past HELP International participants Nicole Luscher and Becca Van Leuven. Both served in Guatemala, where their friendship was born, and Nicole went on to serve as a country director in Uganda. Hear them talk about why they chose to go on this […]

003: Melissa Sevy, Musana Jewelry

Musana Jewelry co-founder Melissa Sevy, accompanied by our other two guests, Harriet Ochieng, and Tina Kyambadde. Trust me, you are going to love these women, and the organization they represent, Musana Jewelry. What started a few years back on student budgets for Melissa Sevy and the other co-founders, has blossomed into an organization that provides […]

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