Sometimes you just need a little perspective…a view of Van in Eastern Turkey from atop a 700-year old wall

SaraJoy Pond it the founder of Give Daily, a crowdfunding organization. In the words of the website,

“GiveDaily lets anyone pledge as little as $1/day to make social progress part of their everyday lives. Daily grants fund the work of the best social problem solvers in the world; training Thai villagers to use their cell phones to monitor industrial pollutants, medical care and counselling for sex trafficking victims intercepted in Romania, rats to detect and disarm landmines in Mozambique, and abandoned baseball fields re-opened in inner-city Detroit.

With every grant come texts, photos and video updates for the funders; where the money went, the difference it made, what more they could do to get involved.”

Kitted out like a “proper Saharawi woman” for some time in the Northern Sahara

The great thing about Give Daily, is that SaraJoy and her team have already vetted these organizations. You can trust the nonprofits you are helping out through Give Daily! Many grant-giving operations require some sort of documentation to track how the money was spent. This takes time, resources, and money away from the cause. So Give Daily only gives funds to organizations they trust, knowing that the money will be spent where it is most needed for the organization to succeed.

SaraJoy is extremely passionate about making the world of philanthropy run smarter and more efficient. She currently lives in Seattle.

Play *is* work at an after-school drug prevention program in Khayelitcha, South Africa